Episode 17: Interview with Dr. Catherine Grant

In a special bonus episode Dario talks to Dr. Catherine Grant, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Sussex and founder of the Film Studies For Free online archive. The conversation covers a wide range of areas including Catherine's route in film academia, the current status of film and film studies particularly in the digital context, the Internet & open source publishing, teaching, research and the challenges of higher education for the arts and humanities, video essays, blogging & podcasting, feminism in film and academia, and discourses of free speech and political correctness.

Link's to Catherine's Websites: Film Studies for Free; InTransition: Journal of Videographic and Film and Moving image Studies; Reframe

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Bordwell and Thompson: Observations on Film Art

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Catherine's video essay using Laura Mark's notion of Haptic Criticism

Patricia White: Women's Cinema, World Cinema

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Brett Easton Ellis Podcast: with Quintin Tarantino