Episode 18: The Trial (with writer Josh Karp)

Our first screening of 2016 is Orson Welles's at times overlooked classic, The Trial. Adapted from Franz Kafka’s dark novel about alienation, bureaucracy, and the fundamental question of freewill. The Trial stars Anthony Perkins in a role every bit as compelling as his star turn in Psycho and features Welles’s trademark kinetic cinematography which perfectly captures the terror of faceless institutional authority.

Read Richard Brody's New Yorker article on The Trial here.

This was our first screening at the wonderful Electric Palace Cinema in Hastings.

The episode features an interview with Josh Karp who recently published an exquisite book on the crazy saga of Welles's final, incomplete film, The Other Side Of The Wind. Find information on the book here.

Read a review from RogerEbert.com here.