Episode 24: Mad Max

Dario is joined on-stage at the Electric Palace by two final year Digital Film students studying at the University of Brighton - Kathryn Bessant and James Calver - to discuss George Miller's 1979 Ozploitation action fest Mad Max. Mel Gibson takes the title role as Max Rockatanski, the fearless cop waging war with kill-crazy bikers who target his family. It is a road-scorching, neo-punk, take-no-prisoners combat set in the lawless Australian outback.

Neil and Dario expand on themes from the film and engage in a wider discussion covering topics including the future of the arts in higher education, neoliberal ideology, dystopian cinema, Sean Parker's Screening Room proposal and Louis CK's Horace and Pete.

Show Notes:

Times Higher article on graduate earnings

Requiem for the American Dream - Documentary on Noam Chomsky

Sean Parker's The Screening Room - Daily Beast article

Horace and Pete - Louis CK

WTF with Marc Maron - Interview with Louis CK

The Teacher's Soul and the Terrors of Performativity by Stephen J. Ball

London Review of Books article about H.G. Adler's The Wall