Ep49a: Frank (with director Lenny Abrahamson)

A unique episode of the Cinematologists this week as students from the Digital Film course - Abbie Jarvis, Daisy Papworth, Connor Gaffney - present Lenny Abrahamson's black comedy Frank at the ElectricPalace Hastings. Screened as part of Mental Health Awareness week the film focuses on cult musician Frank Sidebottom as seen through the eyes, and script, of journalist and writer Jon Ronson, who was in his band. Neil also talks to the film's director Lenny Abrahamson (@lennyabrahamson) who discusses his filmmaking approach and his Oscar success with Room. Also, in a Pacific Rim moment, Dario and Neil disagree vehemently about Bruno Dumont's latest release Slack Bay, and wax lyrical about the blu-ray re-issue of Julie Dash's seminal black feminist masterpiece Daughters of the Dust.