Ep51: Screenplay Film Festival (With Mark Kermode and Linda Ruth Williams)

Our first edition of the new season comes from the Shetland Arts Screenplay Film Festival. Dario speaks to a host of names including the festival curators Mark Kermode and Linda Ruth Williams who discuss their history with the festival and this years' programme; actor George Mackay discusses his career and we hear him introduce a sing-a-long screening of Sunshine on Leith, along with giving a poetry reading performed in the Shetland accent. Friend of the show Hope Dickson Leach talks about the family film strand of the festival programme and we have an excerpt from the Q&A with Bill Nighy who discusses his role in The Limehouse Golum. Also on the programme is Prof. Phil Scraton who wrote Hillsborough: The Truth and was the factual consultant to the Hillsborough Independent panel. His work underpinned the documentary Hillsborough which screened at the festival. Dario's cinematic highlight of the festival was Chico Pereira's Donkeyote, he speaks to the film's producer Sonja Henrici about the context of the project and contemporary documentary more broadly. Read Dario's blog on the film here. Finally, we were delighted to welcome the dulcet Shetland tones of poet, filmmaker and musician Roseanne Watt who discusses her festival highlights gives an impromptu poetry reading. Not to be missed.

 George Mackay, Kathy Hubbard, Dario and Hope Dickson Leach

George Mackay, Kathy Hubbard, Dario and Hope Dickson Leach

Show notes

Mark Kermode and Linda Ruth Williams - 10:55

Hope Dickson Leach - 21:05

George Mackay - 33:25

Sunshine on Leith Sing-a-Long intro - 43:55

Bill Nighy Q&A - 01:02:50

Prof. Phil Scraton - 01:09:20

Sonia Henrici - 01:20:47

Roseanne Watt - 01:38:20