Ep69 - The Piano (w/ Ellen Cheshire)

The latest episode, and the first of the season from the Falmouth bureau, is a celebration and examination of the work of Jane Campion.

Neil is joined on stage by author Ellen Cheshire to introduce a 25th anniversary screening of The Piano, in front of a packed audience of film fans and (new) film students. What follows the screening is a lively debate about the film, problematic viewing, feminism and more. In the episode itself Dario gives his astute views on Campion’s work and her most widely known and regarded film.

The pair also talk about new BFI Blu-ray releases The Comfort of Strangers and Eye of the Needle, Josh Appiganesi’s surreal psycho-thriller meta-doc Female Human Animal - which is due for release in cinemas over the next few weeks, Bertrand Mandico's Boro In The Box and Andrew Haigh's Lean On Pete.


How to watch The Piano (UK/US):

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25th Anniversary UK Cinema Tour


Episode Links -

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In The Scene: Jane Campion by Ellen Cheshire


The Comfort of Strangers


Eye of the Needle


Female Human Animal

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See it at DocHouse on Oct 7 with Josh and Chloe Q&A